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Schedule an outcome with us!

Call reach out at (810) 337-8399 

6 and 12 month outcomes

Thank you so much for taking part in Reach Out! We are delighted to walk with you on your journey to reduce your blood pressure. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused Reach Out to change the way we are going to check-in with you. For your safety, we are going to collect your outcomes via picture and text message rather than in-person. It will only take a few minutes. After completing your 6 month outcome you will get $25 for your time. After completing your 12 month outcome you will get $30 for your time.



Please call or text 1-810-337-8399 with questions!

These outcomes are really important for our study. They help us understand how you are doing and learn your thoughts on how Reach Out works for you.


Thank you for your time and participation in Reach Out!

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