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How to get started

If you have questions Call or text us at (810) 337-8399 


Thank you for joining the Reach Out Cognitive Team! We are excited to continue with you on your journey to lowering your blood pressure. 


After completing the consent process with a Reach Out team member, you will now need to complete a couple more step before officially starting the new study.

  1. Keep a look out for your new Bluetooth blood pressure cuff in the mail

  2. Download the Omron App to your smartphone ​​

    • Click HERE for Android and Google phones

    • Click HERE for iPhones

  3. Connect your Bluetooth blood pressure cuff to your smart phone ​​

    • Click HERE for step-by-step instructions 

  4. Take 3 different blood pressures readings, spaced one minute apart

  5. Transfer the blood pressure readings, using the Omron App 

  6. Share your report with us! 

    • Using the share button, you may email us your report to

    • Screen shot your history and text it to us at (810) 337-8399

  7. Lastly, take the survey we texted you!

 Once you have completed these steps, let a Reach Out Team member know. 


Thank you for your time and participation!

Please call or text 1-810-337-8399 with questions!

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